Advantages and Disadvantages of Flash

A flash based website? Lately many companies want a company website that uses flash technology, but they do not know what are the advantages and disadvantages of flash and how the usage affect a website.

In appearance, flash website is very interesting because it is full of animation. But for SEO, flash websites have many drawbacks. So before you decide to create a flash website or a non-flash website, find out what Advantages and Disadvantages of Flash Technology.

Advantages of Flash

A very prominent advantage of flash technology is its ability to create an interactive and expressive website. From making a simple look to making a video even a game, your website will look very appealing to your website visitors.

Another advantage of using flash technology for websites is that flash displays are compatible with all browsers (IE, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.), unlike HTML and CSS views that each browser sometimes different in translating the code of a web page. So the look of the website will be exactly the same in all internet browsers unless specified the latest flash version.

Disadvantages of Flash

The first deficiency that your website visitors may feel is the time of loading the page is very heavy and slow, because flash files have a large size. This will affect the number of visitors to your website. No matter how interesting your website is, if you have to wait too long then visitors will immediately close it.

The next shortcoming, to be able to access a video on the flash website, needed flash player software. If the visitor’s computer does not have a flash player, then a link appears to download the software. This will reduce the convenience of your web visitors.

Another problem that is definitely harmful is difficult to optimize a flash website on Search Engine. This is because some even almost all Search Engines can not read text in flash file. As a result spiders will not index the existing text, and search engine rankings are definitely low.

Advances in technology today, making it easier for visitors to access the internet through cellular phone / mobile phone. So there is a sharp increase in mobile internet users. Unfortunately for flash websites, most mobile devices like iPhone and BlackBerry can not access it.

For that if you want to create a website, consider whether using flash or not. If you want an interesting look, there is a flash replacement that is not less interesting and SEO friendly. You can use MooTools, jQuery, JavaScript, and HTML5.

Even today, access to Flash content is restricted to internet users who surf with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Considering the current developments, it’s foreseeable that animation in the SWF format will be completely blocked from popular browsers in the near future. This already applies to today’s mobile internet use. To make sure that visitors will continue to receive and be able to play all of the content of a website, website operators should convert all Flash-based animation to HTML5. The same goes for Flash-based ads that appear in ad networks like Google AdWords, BingAds or DoubleClick. In June 2015, Google already announced a switchover of all display ads to HTML5. Anyone wishing to convert SWF files now, after the deadline has already passed, is referred by Google to the in-house software Google Web Designer or to Adobe’s Animate CC.

On top of all that, Flash also has poor load times compared to modern standards. Slow load times is also a major factor in determining a website’s ranking in addition to increasing click-back rates. Now unless you have a nostalgia for long load times from twenty years ago for a single picture, this is major headache for most people with a short attention span. As a generation of overloaded information, being able to quickly absorb and access is an essential element to well developed website. If that weren’t enough to convince you to disable Flash altogether, it’s also a resource hog. It is a gluttonous program designed to chug your CPU processing power like all you can eat buffet until it eventually crashes your computer.

Security issues, non mobile-friendly, slow and resource management are an ever present plague with Flash that fails to compete with modern standards. Adobe themselves even advised against using their program to build websites due to its inability to operate at proficiently levels. As a precaution, it’s best to disable or at least have the browser require permission to use Flash first before continuing onto the website.

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