SEO Lesson Part 1 – How To Attract Customer With Your Website Design

August 26, 2016 7:48 pm

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Stephen Perdana



In the previous SEO Lesson, we have learned what is SEO, how it works, and why it’s very advantageous for business. Today, we will have an in-depth discussion on one of the three most important element in Online Business, Website Design.


SEO, Website, and Business

20 years ago, if someone said that we can sell our product to another country without having to travel or even have any communication to the person in said country, 100 out of 100 people will think that he is crazy.

Today, not only we can conduct business with the people across the world without travelling there, but you can only call yourself a successful businessman only after you can do it. People that didn’t know about this will be ridiculed instead.

Example of website to sell products across the world

Amazon – Example of how you can sell products across the world

In the modern age, almost all business are conducted from the internet. To conduct business from internet, we need a website, which is a place to showcase our company online. The emergence of Search Engines, especially Google, is often referred as the true start of International Business. This then brings a question, among millions of websites in the world (at that time), how should they ranked?

This question will then become the birth of SEO. SEO, which is a technique to boost the rank and popularity of a website, become a vital addition to any Online Business. Since SEO appeared, the business around the world has all been affected. Some got affected badly until their business suffer, but some also got new business opportunity and managed to thrive because of it.

In short, if you are going to have an Online Business, having a good or bad SEO for your Website can decide your business life.


Importance of Website for Business

How good you make your website decide how successful your business will become. A big company with badly made website is unlikely to succeed, while a small, new company with carefully made website can have a great chance of getting many customers.

One such examples is Vero, a new Email Platform that was only created recently. This newly emerging company managed to contend with Big Name Companies that provides similar services like MailChimp and ConstantContact.

The website even ranked higher than those two websites in Google Search for “Email Marketing Best Practices“, a competitive keyword that have more than 1600 Search per Month and high convert rate.

Small Company can Win Against Big Companies Using Website Design and SEO


How did they managed to do that? What kind of strategy did they use?

Jimmy Daly, Head of Content Marketing Department at Vero, sum it all up in one short statement.

Excerpt from Jimmy Daly that prove Web Design Affect Business Success

Yes, like Jimmy said, the content on those big websites are not very informative and boring, which is actually bad for their SEO. Jimmy then take advantage of it and create a better design and more relevant content for his own website.

Ok, now that we have proven that even a Small Company can contend against Big Companies if they have good enough website, we need to know the exact strategy on how we can do this.

On the next section, we have compiled a list of strategies on how to design your website that has proven to increase the number of visitors coming to your site and raise the number of customers that got converted from visitors.


7 Proven Ways To Attract Visitors To Your Website

In this section, we will show the various tips regarding “How to Attract Customer Using Website Design”. From How to Attract Visitors, Make Visitors Actually Stay in The Website, and lastly, Convert Those Visitors into Customers.


1. Choose Interesting Topics For Targeted Customers

This is a very basic thing to do, but people often forgot this and write only things that they want to write. Then when no visitors coming, they will be stressed and wondering why no one is coming.

Actually, to know what is the Interesting Topic for your website is not hard, you only need to do some research on Social Media, Forums, and other successful websites with similar category as your website.

See what are the things they often talk about, how many visitors and comments they have for the topic, and what can differentiate you from them when you did take the topic as one of your blog or article topics. Don’t forget to create interesting Title and Descriptions for your topic. Those two things are the ones that attract visitors to your website from Google Search Page.

There are several tools that can help you achieve this.

BuzzSumo is a long existing tools that can search and monitor popular articles, see their content, and count how many shares they have received in Various Social Media.

Google Keyword Planner can help you see how many traffics a keyword / topic has for each month. This can help you search for the topics with more traffics.

GroupHigh is a tool that can let you search for high quality bloggers for a topic you search so you can know what is trending right now for a specific topic.

More high quality tools for Website Design and SEO can be found here.


2. Include Media (Picture / Video) in Your Post

“A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”, this saying is very apt to be put in Website Design.

A website consists of only text will not only make any visitors bored, but can also hurt the eye. As a result, visitors that come to your website because of your Topic Title and Descriptions in Google Ranking Page will immediately leave your website and look for other websites with better visuals. This is especially true if you have the so-called “Wall of Text” in your article.

On the other hand, having too much Pictures or Videos in a page is also not very good. This is because every website must be able to appeal to 2 different kinds of visitors: Human Visitors and Search Engine Crawlers.

While human visitors can easily see your pictures / videos and know what you want to convey to them, Search Engine Crawlers can only recognise text. Therefore when it’s checking media files in your page, it can only see the information you provided to them on the media files.

If you forgot to add the customised information in your media files, then the Search Engine Crawlers can only read the information from the file’s own base data, which is not very clear and can’t convey your intention.

For example on how a good page in a website look like, click here.


3. Provide Examples and Case Studies

In this world, the most effective thing to do when you try to convey your meaning to someone, is by giving examples.

One hour of long, in-depth explanation about how good a product is will convince people less than one successful examples. Like the saying “Seeing is Believing”, people will only believe you if you provide them with proof and examples.

This is also true in any business website. Rather than making one page full of explanations about your product, it’s better (and faster) to just give a simple explanations along with the testimonial of several people that already used it.

People like seeing result better than an explanation, so why not give them what they want?

Another thing you can do is to make a case studies about your products, because people really LOVE Case Studies.

What is Case Studies?

According to Wikipedia, A case study is a research about a person, group, or situation that has been studied over time. If the case study for instance, is about a group, it describes the behavior of the group as a whole, not behavior of each individual in the group.

Why people LOVE Case Studies?

Simple, Case Studies are consisted of MANY proven facts and examples.

If one example isn’t enough for them, just give them more!


4. Give Relevant Informations in Your Website Content

This should be something that should not need to be mentioned here. Unfortunately, out of 10 websites I have tried to visit when I was searching for “Unique Storefront Design” topic for one of my client, only about HALF of them make any sense. In other words, many website often put irrelevant informations in their website for a topic they want to target.

There is a saying in SEO circles, “Content is King”. This means that in a website, what content you published is the most important thing for your customers. No matter how great your Website Design is, with crappy content people will leave your website.

So, when you already decided to target a certain topic, give your website relevant information about that topic so the visitor that came to your website won’t feel disappointed and leave.

Having a good information also have other benefit. Other than generating good traffics, an informative page can also raise your website prestige, reputation, and authority. When you have a high reputation on the internet, Google will take that as a sign of trustiness. A trusted website can get several benefits from Google, like increased rank, get crawled more, and most importantly, if other malicious competitor tried to defame your website, Google will not immediately penalty you because Google trust you.


5. Make a Targeted Landing Page Focusing Solely on Converting Visitors Into Customers

Unless you are creating an information website like Wikipedia, every website must have a single page that focusing solely as a registration and Social referral page.

Below we have provided an infographic about the criteria to make a good Conversion Page on a website. Of course, not all of them must be fulfilled, but the more you have the better it is.

Create Effective Conversion Page Infographic

Infographic by

Headline : This is the most important part of the page. The first thing people see when they go to your Conversion Page is the Headline. So you have to create a Headline that can attract people.

Social Sharing button : Social Media is the most important thing for any marketing effort. Social Media has the biggest reach among all marketing media, and everyone use it. Put it on the top so people can share the page easily.

Video : Video is a very effective media to convey your intent to people because video include 3 important things in communication – picture, gesture, and voice. Video can even be more effective than talking face-to-face because you can add visual effect and links to other website in a video.

Opt-in Form : If people got attracted by your explanation above, chances are, they will want to immediately sign-up. Providing this Opt-in Form is important because often times, the fired up visitor will quickly change their mind once some time passed. This way, you can get their consent while they truly want to register.

Comment Section : Say what you want, but the fact is, People are easily swayed by public opinion. If there are many people that said this is good, then more often than not, the new visitor will be influenced and become curious. As a result, he will be more willing to sign up.

6. Put In Head Count and Proof of Your Worth in Your Website

Like what is said before, one of the method to convert visitors into customers is to use the amount of customers you already have. If you already have 500+ customers, put it in your Conversion Page. More people that subscribe or use your products means that your products have a high quality, so more people will also follow.

The problem is, what if you still only have a few people?

Simple, in that case, we can approach it differently. What can be more powerful attraction for people other than number and statistics? That’s right, it’s Word of Mouth. In other words, Testimonial.

By including a few person’s testimonial, you can show to the potential customers that your website have a great quality and can be trusted.

Other than using people to attract potential customer, you can also use your own credibility. For example, if you have Google Partner License, put it in your website. If you have Certificates of Quality Products, include it in your website. Having more proof of your quality means that you have good services, and people prefer to get products with tested quality rather that a random quality ones.


7. Include Relevant Pop-Up or Free Offers

Last but not least, Pop-Up. Maybe you are wondering, isn’t pop-up usually avoided by any website visitors? Why do you include it here?

Yes, Pop-Ups are usually avoided by almost every person, BUT, that’s only on the case of disturbing Pop-Ups, the kind that generated some Random Ads nobody cares about. In case of useful Ads, people will like to see and click on it.

For example, let’s say that you are browsing a page on a good SEO website about 100 Google SEO Checklist. Along the way, a pop-up appear that asking you to Submit your Email Address to get the PDF version of the 100 checklist plus 10 additional tips that have been tested and proven right.

What will you do? If I was the said person, I will happily write my Email Address there so I can get the PDF version I can access anytime along with those 10 additional Tips. It’s a win-win situation for both sides. On one hand you got a useful and relevant product for free, and on the other hand, the website owner get a new subscriber for his/her website.

To sum it up: Everyone love free stuff. Everyone also love useful stuff. Everyone love free useful stuff even more. So why not give it to them to get some benefit for yourself? It’s also free for you anyway!

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