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SEO and Website Development


What is often discussed is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. A step with the goal of making a website page entered on the first and highest page rank on search engine services, especially Google Search. Then what about SEM or Search Engine Marketing? Maybe you are one of those people who just heard this term.…

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Advantages of Social Media Marketing

In the digital age allows a lot of work can be done more quickly and also easily included in terms of promotion. You certainly are familiar with the number of people who sell in social media, call it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, until the Path function has been shifted not only to establish friendships and share…

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Traditional vs Social Media Marketing

Marketing is basically about advertising, publicity, sales, merchandising, and distribution. You basically have 2 categories in marketing that are traditional marketing and internet marketing. Which one is better? Which offers more benefits and more valueable? The answer to both methods is equally useful. However, the key to making the right location on the right fund…

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SEO Trends 2017

It feels like only yesterday we were making our bets on what was awaiting SEO, the time for planning, budgeting, and strategizing for your SEO success in 2017 has come. And if you need some inspiration or some help setting up the priorities. 1. HTTPS is no longer just an option. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol…

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Google Algorithm Update in 2017

A new year means new SEO speculation and trends. While there are some components of search engine optimization that have worked for several years and will continue to work, there will always be new trends that you need to shift your focus to. August 22, 2017: The day the ‘Hawk’ Google local algorithm update swooped…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Flash

A flash based website? Lately many companies want a company website that uses flash technology, but they do not know what are the advantages and disadvantages of flash and how the usage affect a website. In appearance, flash website is very interesting because it is full of animation. But for SEO, flash websites have many…

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