Data Destruction : What, Why, and How

September 30, 2016 6:17 pm

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Stephen Perdana

Data Destruction Advantage


Are you concerned about people stealing your Business Data?

Do you know that even when you deleted your data permanently, unscrupulous hackers can still salvage and steal it?

If even permanently deleting your data is not safe, then what should you do to safeguard your data?

We from Kreacio Media have think hard about this issue and we proudly announce our new Service, Data Destruction.

Data Destruction is a relatively new in Digital Business. Many people still don’t know what is Data Destruction and what it can do for your business.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss about What is Data Destruction, Why we need Data Destruction, and How can we do the correct Data Destruction.


What is Data Destruction?

Data Destruction, or also known as Data Sanitization, is the process of erasure and (if need to) disposal of a set of data.

Contrary to popular opinions, when the data in a harddisk got deleted, we can still get it back, even if we deleted it permanently. There are already existed multiple of programs that can restore it back.

What is Data Destruction | Data destruction

One of the most popular way of deleting the disk content is by Reformatting the drive. This is also not entirely correct. Formatting a drive doesn’t mean all of the data are gone. Formatting is only modifying the Master File Table (MFT) which keep track of file contents position and verify each sector of the drive for consistency.

If even Reformatting the drive doesn’t make all the data gone, then what should we do?

Easy, we use a method to delete them permanently.

This permanent deletion of data is called Data Sanitization. This process is irreversible, meaning, after this process is done, you can no longer return back the data because it’s truly no longer there. Therefore, no forensic tools can return it back, providing total security for your data.

This Data Sanitization is one of the core of our Data Destruction service.


Why We Need Data Destruction Service?

Like we have explained in above section, almost all people thinks that their data is gone once they performed a permanent removal of data or Reformatting. Because of this, a skilled person can salvage the deleted data and use it to create an entry to the network.

Breach in Security | Data Destruction

Even a Low-Level Format will not completely destroy all data. It will still leave a residual fingerprint which can be tracked. You can then fish it back using the popular Magnetic Force Microscopy technology after you found the data remnants. This is one of the reason why people are getting their data stolen even after deleting it.

When this happens, then your data will be vulnerable to them and easily taken. This is why you need to be thorough in removing those unused data.

Incorrect Data Dumping | Data Destruction

The only proven way to permanently erase data is to overwrite all on-disk sectors with random patterns of ones and zeros, which is quite hard to do for people without sufficient knowledge and/or experience.

By using our Data Destruction service, our expert can help you to delete them completely so there will be no more trace of it that can be used to hack your server anymore.


How This Data Destruction Service Works

First, you can contact us using the form on the right side of your screen (just click on the button) or Contact Our Sales Team directly. Then we will discuss the terms and we will proceed to tell our experts to Erase the data you designated.

There are a few methods we can use to permanently erase your data. After your data has been successfully deleted, we will give you a Certification of Erasure and Disposal by using our Data Destruction Service.

Total Security Certification | Data Destruction

This notes that you have already used our services. Any further conditions can be discussed with our Sales Team.

Contact us on +65 86558544 for more information about our new service, Data Destruction.

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