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November 25, 2016 8:05 pm

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Stephen Perdana

Paid Advertising Media

So, yeah, we’re talking about Paid Advertising Media today. I’m sure you all understand what paid advertising is, just from looking at its name. But for convenience’s sake I’ll just explain once again.

Paid Advertising Media is, like its name, All media / services on the internet that you can use to promote your website content and/or products, and create more exposure for your Brand. Therefore, increasing the amount of visitor and potential customers. Before you can use it though, you have to pay first. Sometimes people also called it SEM (Search Engine Marketing), even though SEM is only one part of Paid Advertising Media.


Is Paid Advertising Media Profitable for Business?

In terms of profit, you can call it a low risk – high return investment. You still have to pay for the promotions, so it still have a risk of your money disappearing, but the amount of money you have to pay is very low compared to using other promotion media like television and newspaper. On the other hand, depending on how good your advertisement is, you can get more result compared to placing your ads in television and newspapers.

Get Profit with Paid Advertising Media

Of course, there are still chances that you can get a deficit when doing it, but looking at the Amount of Investment and the Result you can get, it’s safe to say that Paid Advertising Media is a very profitable investment for your business.


Benefit of Paid Advertising Media

Other than monetary benefit, Paid Advertising Media can also give various other benefits for your Business. Below are some of the examples of what Paid Advertising Media can do for your business.

Raise Customer Brand Awareness

When people keep seeing a product when they are searching for something, their brains will subconsciously connect the product with the things they are searching. For example, if we are looking for a good shampoo brand, then “NICE” brand shampoo keep appearing, then we will subconsciously take “NICE” brand shampoo as a good shampoo brand.

Brand Awareness - Benefit of Paid Advertising

This is what happens when you put your ads in Search Engine Result. Your Ads will appear on Top of the Search Result for that query, and if people see it enough times they will at least remember the Brand Name or the website it’s linked to. As a result, more people will know your brand.

Not only that, the higher your product or service ranks in search engines, the more likely consumers will visit your website and prefer you or even recommend your offerings. Over time you’ll notice that the search terms of your prospects are becoming more and more related to your brand as they become familiar with you and see you as a trusted advisor or provider.


Higher Conversion Rate

In Paid Advertising Services, your Ads will only appear when someone is doing a search in Search Engines or Social Media using keywords that are related to your Targeted Keywords. This means that you’re getting your content and ads in front of a highly engaged target audience, who are actively looking for offers like yours – all for a low cost and without having to impose on them.

Then, because your Brand Promotions will only appear when people are searching for it, most people who see it will be more likely to click your Ads if you make it attractive enough. After that, whether the visitor become customer or not will depend on how well you make your Landing Page.

Drive Loyalty and Advocacy

Using Paid Advertising Media, you can drive the Loyalty and Advocacy of your customers. Let’s talk about Loyalty first, then we move to Advocacy.

There are several ways to influence customer’s loyalty for your Brand.

  • Give unique discounts to your clients. For a unique twist, you can give them time-sensitive discounts, so for example, a special discounts just to this month registration.
  • Create Dedicated Landing Pages.
  • Cross-Sells and Up-Sells your Remarketing Services, meaning you also tell them what other services you have so they can use them also if they need it.

Advocacy on the other hand, is let your loyal customer base help to market you. For this you need to help them to do that word-of-mouth marketing and actually recommend you to others.

Paid Advertising for Investation

To Promote Advocacy, we can suggest these to you.

  • Use Email Marketing. For example, in our Newsletter, we can put in a discount code and ask them to share the code and invite their friends to use our services.
  • Give you a Review, Testimonial, and Rating Stars.
  • Recommend our services to their friends.

Various Paid Advertising Media For Promotion

There are many Media we can use for Paid Advertising, more than we can count. We have researched and determined 5 most useful Paid Advertising Media that can give you maximum benefit.

1. Google AdWords

One of the oldest Paid Advertising Media still existing. Created by Google, this Paid Advertising Media Platform is the first choice among any other Paid Advertising Media if you really want to be safe. Google itself is monopolising a huge percentage of Search Traffic in the world, which give you access to billions of potential customers that are actively searching your products and/or services.

Example of Paid Advertising Media

Furthermore, because Google AdWords is the only Ads Services which is Google’s property, the Search Engine itself will only contain Ads from Google AdWords, and not from other Ads Services. Last but not least, There is no waiting game to reach the top position. If you are willing to outbid the competition, your ads can be sitting at the top positions right away.

To see how Google AdWords works, see this video.

2. Facebook

Facebook is the currently number one most popular social media. Hundreds of millions of people in the world have at least one Facebook account. Also, over 50 percent of all active Facebook users visit daily, providing you with a massive audience to interact with. Using Paid Advertising provided by Facebook, you can target specific Target Demographics, Geographical regions and user interests easily.

Moreover, unlike other Other Advertising Platform, you can conduct a research about your demographics first before you decided on your target. This way, you can have better chance of success with your promotions. You can also promote your Ads yourself using your accounts and communicate it to your friends so people will know your product and Ads faster.

3. YouTube

YouTube is not the only Video Sharing Websites on the internet, but everybody knows that YouTube is THE best Video Sharing Website on the internet currently exist. One thing that people conveniently forgets, however, is that YouTube is also one of the best Advertising Platform. Not only there are a lot of views for each video, particularly for the very famous ones that can have millions of views per video.

The advantage of Youtube Ads compared to other Advertising Platform is the viewers are forced to watch the Ads for a few seconds before they can proceed to the Video they want to see. So if you can captivate your viewer for the first few seconds of the Ads, then they have a good chance of clicking on the Ads and become potential customer.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a Social Media that purely focused on Business Connections. Because of this, the Ads that it accomodate are limited in Topics. On the other hand, because of the limited topics provided by the website, people who signing up on LinkedIn are all professionals. If you provide a correct Ads, they will be more inclined to click on it.

5. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is more visual than any other Advertisement Platforms. The Paid model of StumbleUpon is called Paid Discovery. The unique aspect of Paid Discovery is that you aren’t paying for an ad in the same sense that you do with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

On StumbleUpon, users browse the Internet by having StumbleUpon show them suggestions website pages based on their interests and previous likes. Users do this organically, but Paid Discovery allows content owners to pay for inclusion in the Stumble process. This way, target users are directed right to your webpage. You don’t have to worry about creating ads.


How to use Paid Advertising Media Correctly

Before we use Paid Advertising Platforms, we have to know first how to truly take advantage of it. If you don’t know how to use it, not only you won’t get any profit, your invested money will also be lost. True, the amount is not staggering, but it’s a loss of money nonetheless.

First things first, you have to ensure that you have enough budget. This is very basic and trivial, but many people often forgot it and they don’t have enough budget midway. This can be done by setting aside the amount of money you can freely spend then do an extensive planning of the Advertising Platforms you may want to use and note them down. How much budget does it cost, how far it reach compared to the cost, and other important things. After you done, then you need to double check before starting your campaign.

Two, your choice of keywords. Keywords are the primary focus of all Advertising Platforms. People search using keywords, therefore you have to choose your keywords carefully so you can get good ROI (Return on Investment). One thing you have to remember about choosing keywords are targeting a large number of Long Tail Keywords are better than targeting a small number of Short Tail Keywords.

Why? Because even though Long Tail Keywords get less number of searchers compared to Short Tail Keywords, it has smaller amount of required bid, so you can offset it by bidding on bigger number of Long Tail Keywords. Other than that, Long Tail Keywords has better chance to net a customer because if they search using Long Tail Keywords, it means they really know what they want and more liable to visit the first thing that piqued their interest.

Three, track your progress. Often, people forget to track how much money they have spend, how much they earned, and other things related to their Ads. As a result, when they want to change some things, they have to waste time recalculating the budget again. Sometimes they also forgot to note down the due date of their Campaign, which means they don’t know that their Campaign already ended and when there are sudden changes, they are too late to realize it. In short, spend some time tracking your progress so you won’t be caught flat-footed by sudden changes.

Lastly, Create a specialized Landing Page. Creating a unique landing page for your Ads is a very common practice. Big Advertisements Platforms like Google AdWords not only rank your Ads based on your Title and descriptions you wrote for your Ads, but they also see how good is your landing page. Even if you use other Advertisement Platforms, you still need to make a good Landing Page to convert the visitors into customers.


Kreacio Media Marketing Services

Kreacio Media | Search Engine Optimization, Website Development, Social Media Marketing | Believing is Seeing

Kreacio Media, as one of the foremost Digital Marketing Company in Singapore, can help you get the best services to promote your website. We have various services that can help your business stay ahead of your competitor in the Google Search Ranking. Our services ranging from Website Design, SEO, SMM, SEM (PPC), and even Content Development, which is essential for any respectful website.

We are also provide professional consultation and advice to ensure your business stays competitive out there in the market. If you visit our website blog, you can see various useful Tips for your business and how to do some basic SEO for your Business Website.

Kreacio Media employ a team of professional to provide you with the most effective Search Engine Optimization methods in the internet world.

Using only what is called the White Hat SEO methods, we ensure clients website is legal in the eyes of the Search Engines. Furthermore, we also provide education on what is Black Hat SEO techniques to prevent your business from being blacklisted in the Search Rank.

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