10 Quick and Simple Ways to Promote Your Website

September 23, 2016 9:47 am

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Stephen Perdana


Imagine, if you can just do ONE simple action to promote your website, then suddenly, the amount of visitors on your website went through the roof.

Isn’t it great? Then, what if I tell you..

There are TEN of these simple actions..

ALL of them can easily and quickly promote your website..

I think you will be very impatient to read about them.

You know what? These methods are exactly the things I will share with you all in this post!

Ten simple and quick strategies to Promote Your Website IN ONE DAY!!

I will divide the methods to promote your website into 2 parts : Inside and Outside.

Inside Methods deals with ways to promote your website by changing things inside your own website. The promotion effect is usually indirect by raising website rank in Google Rank.

Outside Methods deals with ways to promote your website by doing things to affect your website from outside. The promotion effect is usually direct by interacting directly with potential visitors.


Outside The Website:


1. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics

What is the first thing you do after you finally finished creating your new website?

Did you just leave it there and wait for Google to index it and hope that it appeared in the Google Search Page quickly?

Do you know?

Instead of just wasting a lot of time waiting Google to index your website, you can use a simple method to directly ask Google to index your website.

Submit Your Website to Google Webmaster Tools.

Promote Website with Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the tools provided by Google for a Webmaster to Promote their website more effectively. By registering your website here, Google can scan your website more thoroughly, which means that Google can understand your website content deeper and give better rank for you in Search Page.


2. Register Your Business in Social Media Business Page and Google Maps

Do you have a private business?

What will you think if one day, you heard someone in a business forum discussing your business but you heard that the business have a different owner and anything you said about it being yours is denied by the majority?

This is why you need to Claim Your Business on the internet, and not only in real life. By claiming your business on the internet, you can prevent this kind of incident from happening.

There are two ways of claiming your business, using Google and Social Media.

To claim business using Google, you can use Google Maps.

To claim business using Social Media, you can use Social Media Business Page.

Claiming your business will not only make Google recognize your business, but people will also know your business better because a registered business will be displayed by Google in Search Result when people are searching products in their area.


3. Boost Initial Click Rate Using Personal Connection

This should not be a new thing in SEO, but I’ll mention it once again..

One of the popularity signal Google prioritize the most, is how many people clicked on a website using a certain keyword. This is especially true in regards to Top 10 place in Search Ranking.

For example, your website is selling “Baby Clothes” products and you are targeting keyword “Baby Clothes Singapore”.

If your website managed to get 1000 clicks in span of a week while your rival websites only got 500, then you will get the top spot even if your website is not as good as your rival’s.

We can exploit this loophole to make your website reach the top spot quickly. This method is especially useful if you have many friends or people you can ask for help.

First, you can ask them to try search on Google with the keyword you specified, then search your website and go inside. There, make sure to stay around for 1 minute at least while clicking links to some other pages.

This method has been tested by Rand Fishkin from Moz, and his website went to the top spot from sixth after he tried it.

Important Note : This is considered gray area by Google, so be careful when doing this. If you can, ask them to do this for a week. After that time, your website should have genuine clicks because of your ranking.


4. External Outreach

What is the most effective way to communicate with people today?

If you guessed Social Media, then you are correct.

Currently, there are various kinds of Social Media Platforms, but the useful ones among them are only a few.

External Outreach and Social Media | 10 Ways to Promote Website

Make sure to have an account on these Social Media, and if you have a business, register on their Business Page.

The Social Media you need to use to promote your website are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Among them, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn have Business Page you would like to use.


5. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the oldest trick in the book in promoting something, but until now, its effectiveness is undisputed, so this method still earned a place in this article.

Doing Email Marketing is certainly not easy, but it’s not hard either when you have the right trick.

There are several points you have to take note of when Promoting your website using Email Marketing.

email marketing and sales | 10 Ways to Promote Website

One, you have to know when your client usually open their email. No need to be very accurate, just rough estimate of time is enough. This is because if you time it wrongly, your email will be buried along with other emails they have so your target won’t notice it.

Two, be sure to include some relevant pictures or short videos (1 minute at most and 30 seconds at minimum) to make them more interested and arouse their curiosity.

Lastly, you have to go straight to the point instead of circling around the topic. Time is very precious for people, more so for businessmen or employees. So sending short, concise, and polite email is your best bet in Doing Email Marketing to Promote Your Website.


Inside The Website:

1. Insert the Target Keywords in the Beginning of Title

According to Google, keyword placement in Article Title play an important part in Google ‘s Ranking Factor.

If, for example, you have “Email Marketing” keywords, it’s better to have “Email Marketing Best Practices” title rather than “Best Ways to do Email Marketing”.

Set Target Keywords | 10 Ways to Promote Website

This is why you have to consider your target keywords carefully, choose keywords that have high yield and less competitions. Choose creatively, think outside the box. Doing this in every post or articles you have will ensure Google give your articles better scores.


2. Choose a Topic People Are Actually Interested Perfect and Personalize a Great Article for The Topic

There is one thing people always seem to forget when creating a website.

They are always choosing a topic they themselves are interested in, rather than creating an article that their target readers needed.

As a result, no one visited their website and they blame it on the SEO difficulty.

Create Great Website Content | 10 Ways to Promote Website

When you create a website, this is one of the most important thing to remember, people only like something that is useful to them.

So be your audience’s perspective before you decided on a topic for website.


3. Have a Testimonial from Clients / People Who Visited Your Website

Word of mouth is the most effective Marketing Tools in the world.

You can include this awesome tool in your website to ensure your visitors about your product’s quality.


By including Testimonials. Quick and Simple. Furthermore, this can be put on nearly every single kind of Website.

An effective Testimonial should include a photo and few sentences.

An even more effective Testimonial can include their experience on using your Services or Products, and why they have a positive feedback for it.


4. Insert Useful Pop-Ups

Pop-Ups, the number one thing that people love to close.

… Or is it?

Actually, popup is one of the most effective way of converting a visitor into a client and building Email List, you just have to know how.

First off, the stigma of “Popup Windows are evil and must be purged” is only applied to those containing malicious virus or useless popups.

If you have a useful offer for your customers, then this is one of the best way you can tell it to your customers.

For example, say, you have a 30% discount for people who buy your products for this week, then putting it on Popup Window where ALL people see it is actually better than putting in on, say, a banner on top of your Home Page.

This is because a Popup Window will at least stand out and attract their attention, while putting it on a banner or other places will stand out less because it’s not mandatory for people to visit that page.


5. Customer Feedback

Customers are Kings.

This is a saying that have been known to all businessmen since the first time the word “business” is created.

We are creating websites with an aim of having as much customers as possible come to our website and buy our Products or use our Services. Thus generating income for us.

Then what can we do if we don;t know what our customer think of our website?

Do we just stand around and wait until our customers see a more attractive website offering better services and flock there? No way, right?

Then one thing you should do is to have a place for customer to give their feedback to us.

One of the biggest mistake a Customer Feedback usually make is to complicate this process. People’s time are precious and they certainly don’t want to waste it on something that won;t benefit them, like giving feedback.

So what we should do is to simplify the process for them. People will more likely to answer yes or no questions than the one where they have to explain, so we can make our question become “yes / no” format or “ratings” format, where they only need to give rating for the things we ask them.

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