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January 6, 2014 2:19 pm

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Terence Tan

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. Had been a growing trend in recent years.
One of the most apparent benefit of SEO is making your business ahead of your fellow competitor in the cyber world, and that’s what we are the most proficient at.

The needs to set your website on the first page of Google and many other search engines had been a daily challenge for any organisation. Especially in a country with fierce business competition like Singapore.

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Example SEO result from one of the Kreacio client. Sorry for the blur. We keep client’s data securely.

Why Adopt Search Engine Optimization?

Today, almost anything can be found on the internet. In fact, there are ALWAYS more than 100 websites for a single topic. Whether the topic is popular or not.

With so many websites existed, of course there would be many who visit it. Therefore, if a popular websites are promoting something, people bound to see it.

This is why Search Engine Optimization is such an effective advertising vehicle.

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Research about Relations between Websites, Visitors, and SEO


Now, Internet Marketing is the best medium for raising Brand Awareness and Monetization of your website. To take advantage of it, however, you need to be an expert in SEO. Why? Here are some reasons for it.


1. SEO is the Most Dominant Advertising Vehicle for Internet Marketing.
Nowadays, people are more likely to end up on your website via Search Engine than going directly to it.
According to New Media Campaigns, 81% of users find their desired destination through Search Engine, mostly Google.

To maximize the effect SEO can give to your business, a thorough Data Analysis about your niche market is highly needed. By doing a thorough Keyword and Market Research, you can get a feel about what can work and what can’t for your business.

Another way to do Internet Marketing is to do SEM (Search Engine Marketing). For example, pay per click (PPC), paid search, and pay-per-thousand-impressions. SEM is also an effective method to get more potential customers and can give quick results, although it is more costly to maintain day to day visibility.


2. Search Engine Optimization Reach
Compared to traditional marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization allows you to reach out to the audiences in a massive scale. By massive, I mean billions of people around the world. Each website need something called Link Building to be known by others, just like how you build up relationship with various people in Real Life.

This is easily achieved using various means exist to accomodate Link Building for SEO, like Social Networking, Search Engines, various Web Directories, Forums, and many other means. There are also uncommon way to reach people like Affliate Marketing. Because of all these methods and how many people they can attract, a Customer Relationship Management is highly required by any company.

According to a Research about internet users population done by TIME, there are 3 billions of internet users worldwide, and this is the data from 2015. Who knows how many people use internet in 2016 and later, 2017. All these people are the aim of SEO.

With these statistics, it’s no wonder that Search Engine Optimization business is very popular these days, especially in a country with cutthroat business environment like Singapore.


3. Low Point of Entry
Compared to traditional media marketing like television or newspaper, Search Engine Optimization allows you to penetrate the market at a lower cost and higher gains. Moreover, in SEO business, more money doesn’t always translate to more success. As long as you know how to do it right, you can have a great promotion for your website without having to pay a single cent!

This is what makes SEO special and different compared to any other promotional media. Even the most expensive method, Pay-per-click, is way cheaper than getting promoted via Newspaper or Television Ads. The benefit they give via the Ads when you paid for it is also way better to produce result than traditional media.

A research have been conducted concerning this topic, and as the result, Digital Marketing via Search Engine Optimization or other methods are proven to cost a lot less compared to other type of media.


4. Targeted Audience
With strategic planning and accurately-targeted demographics, Search Engine Optimization allows you to reach out to your targeted audience more efficiently than other media. Moreover, because you targeted a specific audience group that has interest in your products, they will have higher chance of converting into customer compared to the audience attracted by Traditional Media, which tends to be mixed.

This ensures that every dollar spent will be effectively used. Because the ads only appeared when a person search for a related topics, more chance for them to be attracted to the ads. As long as what you wrote in your promotional Advertisements are not lies, they will definitely spend some time in your website. This is especially important for E-Commerce websites, who heavily depends on the visitor-to-customer conversion.


Who Needs Search Engine Optimization?

These days, having a website is a very common thing. But merely creating a website will not be enough for a website to increase its sales. You also need something important called “Online Presence“. What we mean by Online Presence is how well-known are you in the internet.

Big companies like Louise-Vuitton and Virgins will always have Online Presence because they are famous companies in the first place. On the other hand, companies like Facebook and Google become well-known BECAUSE of their Online Presence. Best example for Online presence, however, is Amazon. They don’t even have a company but everyone who uses internet know them. That’s how important an Online Presence is for a business.

Online Presence is urgently needed to increase your sales, expand the branding, and achieve your ROI target. For this, SEO is one of the best way to raise the Online Presence of your website. Therefore, SEO is a “must-have” services for every company.

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Based on ahrefs rank.


How You Make Sure Your Website is Found When People do a Search?

This is where you need Search Engine Optimization to optimise your website visibilities on the Internet. Allowing potential customers who are looking for “florist” and maybe a specific location like “takashimaya” and they can find your business right away. Provided you used the right method for your Search Engine Optimization.

Furthermore, think how much more businesses you are getting from Online Shop and E-Commerce website. Do you know how many people are searching for your business name, only to realize that they are unable to find your website, and then turned to your competitor instead, if only because they can find them more easily?

Having your Website’s keywords search being optimized will definitely help you to bring your business to a higher level and also increase your online presence. This is extremely important in this era where Internet Technologies are leading the market and consumer decision.

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Kreacio Media, as one of the foremost Digital Marketing Company in Singapore, can help you get the best services to promote your website. We have various services that can help your business stay ahead of your competitor in the Google Search Ranking. Our services ranging from Website Design, SEO, SMM, SEM (PPC), and even Content Development, which is essential for any respectful website.

We are also provide professional consultation and advice to ensure your business stays competitive out there in the market. If you visit our website blog, you can see various useful Tips for your business and how to do some basic SEO for your Business Website.

Kreacio Media employ a team of professional to provide you with the most effective Search Engine Optimization methods in the internet world.

Using only what is called the White Hat SEO methods, we ensure clients website is legal in the eyes of the Search Engines. Furthermore, we also provide education on what is Black Hat SEO techniques to prevent your business from being blacklisted in the Search Rank.

If you are interested in Our Services, you can contact us at +65 6747 2869.

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