SEO Checklist To Boost Your Website Rank [FAST!]

September 9, 2016 6:00 pm

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Stephen Perdana

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SEO Checklist for Your Website in 2016

When you are creating a new website, you probably start to think about what should be included in your website to create a positive impact for your visitors.

With this in mind, searching tips from experts around the internet become one of the first thing you will do.


But, among thousands of tips you found, how many will actually work for you? In fact, how many will actually even become relevant?


Many people who have the same thought ended up getting overwhelmed by these numbers. As the result, they give up and just choose some of the tips they felt easy to implement, without caring whether it worked or not.

We have seen this similar issue many times around the internet. That’s why we have an idea:


We Will Provide You With a Checklist Containing SEO Tips That Actually WORKS!


No need for you to look for another sources around the internet or doing the testing yourself because this checklist is compiled from various SEO Tips from Top Experts that has been proven to be a success and our own experiments as a result of many trials and errors.

Believe me, I’ve checked and tried them myself multiple times.

So without further ado, below is the checklist for what to do to boost your website rank. You can tick the ones you already done for your website.


Website (Things you should do inside your website)

  Install Yoast SEO Plugin (if you are using WordPress)

  Check for Website Error using Screaming Frog or Xenu (Free Website Error Checking Tools).

  Insert your chosen Keyword inside Title, Page URL, and Meta Description.

  Avoid using ugly URL ( or long URL (

  Title Tags must be <65 characters and Meta Description must be <155 characters.

  Only use 1 H1 tag in a page to show the main topic. The rest use H2, H3, H4, etc. (What is Heading Tag?)

  A Page must at least have 300 words to allow Search Engine to understand your page topic, but don’t put unnecessary text if you can’t create 300 words, just put more than 100 words of relevant text.

  Don’t only use the keyword, also use the synonyms and words that have connections with your keyword.

  Use Image and Videos in your page in addition to text. Insert descriptive ALT text and Description to each of your picture / video.


Search Engines (Things you should do to be on Search Engines’s Good Side)

  Register on Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

  Add Sitemap to your Google Search Console Control Panel (usually I used this sitemap generator).

  Check for Duplicate contents and pages, then delete them or use 301 redirects.

  Check your site speed using Google PageSpeed Insight and GTMetrix.

  Check for your website responsiveness. Meaning, must be able to look good on devices other than desktop (mobile, tablet, etc.).


Outside Sources (Social Media, Links from Outside sources, etc.)

  Look for competitor links using SEO ToolboxahrefsLink DiagnosisOpen Site Explorer, or Majestic.

  Use Google Keyword Planner to find the most appropriate keyword for your website.

 Create Social Media Business Page and Claim your business on the Social Media and Google Maps.



So, how many of things from the list you managed to implement in your website? It’s not necessary to implement them all, but the more of things from this SEO Checklist you implemented, the better your website is in the eyes of Search Engines and Human Visitors.

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