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November 14, 2016 7:59 pm

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Stephen Perdana



Do you have a business? What are you selling there?

Have you heard of E-Commerce or E-Shopping? Does your Store have one?

If you haven’t got one, you better start making it now. Not tomorrow, not next month, but NOW.

Why you ask? See the statistics below.


online-shop-statistics | SEO and Online Shop for Business


What did you get from the statistics above?

If you realized that the era of Online Shop is coming, then you guessed correctly.

So, now that (I assume) you want to start creating Online Shop, here are some tips you can use to make a satisfactory Online Shop Website Design for your customers.

Creating a good design is important for the success of your E-Commerce because no one want to shop in a badly designed website. In other words, treat it like you treat your Physical Store.


Things You Should Pay Attention in Your E-Commerce Website

To make a good E-Commerce Website that’s easy on the eye and interesting enough for your customer to shop there, these are some things you must pay attention to when you are designing your website.

1. Your Website Navigation

Site Navigation must be able to help people in doing these things:

  • Know where they are now. In an E-Commerce website, it’s very important to let the customer know their location on the website structure. For small website, maybe it’s not very crucial, but when your website sell thousands of products divided across hundreds of categories, this is critical. One of the best way to do this is by inserting breadcrumbs into your website navigation or by highlighting the current location in Navigation.


  • Knowledge about the Brand. For people who visited the website for the first time, first impression is very important. Good first impression can make them stay on your website and revisit it later. To leave an impression to them, we need to make them understand something about our brand.


  • Search Bar and Cart Functions. These two are the most vital functions you need to have in your E-Commerce website. About 10% to 12% of repeat visitors on average will use Search as their primary navigation function, so you have to place Search and Cart functions on a place that everyone can easily find, usually the default position is on the top-right of the page and placed side-by-side.


  • Let them know what you have. Usually customer likes to see the whole category map before they decide what they want to buy. So you need to provide a button that can display your whole category list on your navigation bar.


2. Your Product Information

A product in E-Commerce should at least have some pictures for the important sections, namely Thumbnails, Product Details picture, and Gallery pictures. In addition to pictures, you can also provide some useful informations, like ratings, comments, and zoom functions for the Product Detail picture.

Moreover, you can also give Product Specification or Detailed Descriptions when you are dealing with a complex piece of technology. With this core product information, we’re trying to help people understand what the product is and what it does. So give them useful informations and let them decide.

Sometimes, giving them some animations or videos about the products is better. Like the saying goes, “One picture is worth A Thousand words, One Video is worth A Thousand pictures“, giving them a short but detailed video about the product is better than giving long and detailed explanations about it. Giving a detailed video also can answer the question people will have, and it’s been proven that people that have their questions satisfied have bigger chance of becoming a customer.


3. Clear Way to Purchase

One of the simplest but often neglected part in E-Commerce website is the clear steps on how to purchase products. Often times a newly built E-Commerce websites take their design from famous E-Commerce sites like Amazon. True, it’s a very successful website and one of the pioneer of E-Commerce websites, but there are some important fundamental differences between it and your website that you must know.

Ultimately, there are only 3 purposes for E-Commerce website.


  • Tell people what products you have. In a physical store, you need to arrange your products as attractive as possible so it can get people’s attention. The better your product display is, the more customer you can attract. E-Commerce is not any different, how good you can divide and show your products to visitors, the more successful your business will be. A good way to do this is to divide your products into several categories and sub-categories and make it easier for people to seek the products they want by putting it in the correct sub-category. Remember, how good they know your products is often the deciding point whether they buy from your site or not.


  • Drive them to buy your products. Like a typical store, the final purpose of opening a store is to make people buy your products and get more money. For this to happen smoothly, you need to provide a clear path to the goal. Don’t make too many distraction around the purchasing buttons that can divert a customer’s attention. Sure, famous websites like Amazon use many optional functions like upsells, cross-sells, and other call-to-actions buttons, but you are NOT Amazon. Different from the E-Commerce sites that already achieved success like Amazon, when you included too many auxilliary functions like those, your customer will eventually become confused and cancelled their purchase. So, don’t do it.


  • Eliminate any roadblocks between customer and seller. One of the best advantage of E-Commerce website compared to Physical Store is the quickness and efficiency of buying things via E-Commerce website. Compared to going to the store yourself, it’s way faster and more efficient to let them send the product to you instead. For people these days who are so busy, E-Commerce is a necessity.


4. Detailed Descriptions of The Product Features

Along with images, descriptions play a big part in customer’s decision whether they want to buy the product or not. Descriptions of a product must be able to help the customers do these things:


  • Tell people what to expect from this product. When you tell people what they can expect from the products, you are telling them that you are thinking about them first and foremost. You are willing to risk people not buying your product than leaving them unsatisfied with the quality of product they bought. This can build trust between you and your customers. You have told them exactly what it can do, and it’s up to them to buy it or not.


  • Determine if the product is suitable for their needs. Providing them some example of what the product can be used for will influence customers to buy the product. This is best combined with images or videos that show what the product can be used for. Doing this can also promote your product reliability and brand.


  • Answer general questions about the product. Sometimes what people really need to convince them to buy a product is answering their questions. Rather than creating a short and concise description but risk having them hesitate whether to buy something or not because they can’t find the answer they need in the product description, it’s better to provide them with a slightly longer product description but it answered most of the general questions. The best way to do this is to involve some people who have not tried the system yet. They usually provide the questions most customers need.

5. Additional Content to Promote Trust

One of the most important thing to have for an E-Commerce website is trust. Because the buyer can’t see the seller directly, they need some sort of insurance that they won’t be tricked. There are many cases of people buying things in an Online Store and got scammed, which lower the reliability of E-Commerce as a whole. Below are some ways to promote customer trust for your E-Commerce.

Social Proof

Social proof is how many people know you and can vouch for you in social medias. For example, Facebook have Like and Share box widgets. By putting these things in your website, you can show people that you exist in Social Media and many people know you and can vouch for you, raising our trustiness in people’s eye.



When Social Proof is not enough, you can also add Testimonials to the mix. Testimonials is recommended to use the picture of real people who said it. People are more trusting when they can see how the person who give the testimonial look like.



Comments are another way to generate trust. by seeing the comments, customers can know how people’s opinion after they use the product before they buy it themselves. If good, then it can increase the probability of that person buying said product.



Similar to comments, ratings can also be used to gauge the previous buyer’s opinion. The better a product’s rating is, the more chance of it being bought by customers.


SEO in E-Commerce

Now that we know how important E-Commerce is for modern business and how to build a good and efficient E-Commerce Website, we will go to the second point: How to Promote Our E-Commerce Website.

One of the most effective way to promote our E-Commerce Website is by using SEO. By using trusted SEO Service, you will be able to place your E-Commerce website in the Top 10 of Google Search Rank, which will get at least 5% click rate. Don’t underestimate this 5%, because this is 5% out of hundreds of millions of searchers, which counts as millions of visitors.

Now, SEO for E-Commerce have some differences compared to SEO for regular websites. These are the things you need to pay attention to when doing SEO for E-Commerce.


Keywords for Products

Do you know that people like to invent their own names? Sometimes people didn’t like how a product’s name is too long or hard to say, so they invent their own name according to their own perception about the product.

For example, we have a product named All-Purpose Bag. Others may call it Travel Bag. In this case, it’s best if we combine both names, something like All-Purpose Travel Bag. This is so we can be discovered by Google and people.


Description of the Products

Product Descriptions is how Google find and detect our products. By providing detailed and useful description, we can make Google give more points for us. The effect will be more effective if we give images or possibly video, beside text, in our Product Descriptions.

Google ranked websites based on how useful the information it provided, so the more useful your description is, the higher your website rank will be.


Up to Date Products

People like Up-to-date products. If you frequently updated your store with new products, it will send a signal to Google that your store is very Up-to-date. Therefore, updating the products in your website with New Arrivals regularly is a must.

Other than for Google, it will also be useful for your customers. Usually ,the most popular store is the store that always update their inventory. If you seldom update it, and let your old items keep on being displayed, people will say that you are not interesting and no one want to shop at your E-Commerce website.


Attraction for Customers

What makes people want to stay and browse around your website, especially for New Customers? It’s because of their first impression of your website. First impression is very important for an E-Commerce website. When people come and you managed to awe them with your display and products, you have a high chance of getting a potential customer.

Some of the things we can do to attract customer’s attention are Sales, Hot Products / Best Products Display, and Catchy Images and Animations in our front page. When you managed to attract the visitors, they will automatically start to spread your website and raise the brand awareness of the people for your products.


Acknowledgement from Trusted Sources

One of the most useful source of customers are referrals. Referrals are a variety of popular sources that people visit, then that same sources recommended your website to them. This is one of the most effective method of spreading your popularity because they trusted the referrer, and you as an extension.

You can get these sources by contacting popular blogs and websites for your business category. You can also spread it yourself using Social Media and Forums. Don’t forget to also let your friends and acquintances know about your E-Commerce business and ask them to tell their friends. By building connections, you can raise your E-Commerce website popularity effectively.



So, all in all, if you really want to be successful in your business, you must have a good E-Commerce website. With good E-Commerce Web Design and SEO, you have a good chance to successfully create a new Online Business.

If you want to Create an effective E-Commerce Website or Doing SEO for your E-Commerce Website, you can try using Our Services. We from Kreacio Media have created many E-Commerce websites for Big and Small Businesses.

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