SEO Evolution : SEO is Dead? Not Really.. It Only Evolved!!

October 22, 2016 7:57 pm

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Stephen Perdana

SEO Evolution

Not long ago, some new Google Updates like Penguin 4.0 and Possum were introduced to the world. A few days later, various people started to scream on top of their lungs that “SEO IS DEAD!!”. Personally, I won’t call it Dead, but Changed. You can also call it SEO Evolution.

This is something that’s already happened many times in the past, but didn’t make it less annoying. Many people even created conference and articles about “Why SEO is already DEAD” and worse, these people are owner of businesses that deals in SEO Services.

Seeing this problem, we have provided the reasons why SEO is actually NOT Dead and what method should we use so we can Revive the SEO.


Old Methods are Dead, New Methods are Alive

SEO is a very unique thing, is a sense that it keeps changing. There are no fixed method in SEO; only prediction, conclusion gotten from trial and error, and basic guidelines.

Along the years, there have been some publicly acknowledged formulas that works better than other methods. Things like Giving your H1 tags priority, Set a good Alt Text and Title for your pictures and videos, and Write a Good and Unique Content for Articles are some of them.

Sadly, these things have been taken by people as Absolute and these things become their “Holy Bible” in SEO. People who said that SEO is Dead are those who only done these basic things to the best of their efforts and expected their rank to soar high into First Page.

Unfortunately, what they forgot is:

“These methods are already widely-known, and if they can do it, then why other people don’t? If everyone use the same methods, then what are the difference between every websites? How can Google rate them?”

Other than those obvious flaws in their thinking, they also didn’t take account of Google Algorithm Updates. These Updates changes the whole calculations for ranks from Google, especially the Major, Named Updates like Hummingbird and Penguin.

Below are the reactions of various people after nearly each of Major Google Updates.

What People Said About SEO

SEO Graphics by SEO Book

I coined these as SEO Evolution, which translates as the things that radically changes the rules and regulations of how we should do SEO in the future.

Gone are the days where we simply optimized those H1 tags and repeat the keywords. The era have changed, SEO have undergone evolution and changes, so we should also adapt. The ones who are late at adapting will be swept away, just like Natural Selection.

Here is some New Methods that Appeared along with Google Updates.


Semantic Search

Semantic Search first appear in Google Panda Update, and become more important after Google Hummingbird Update in 2013. Google Hummingbird dealt with the quality of the content in a website and create a new algorithm for Long Search Query. With Hummingbird, putting too many targeted keyword in a page become very bad, because it can be categorized as spam.

In exchange, Google now detected words that are related with the targeted keyword of your choice, usually known as LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords. For example, you set “Hardware Store” as your keyword. You don’t have to keep repeating the same words over and over, instead, you can include related words like “Lawn & Garden supplies”, “Grills”, “Tools and Paint”, and other things related to Hardware Store itself like the Brand Name you have in your store.

This way, Google can know that you are really a hardware store that sell various kinds of equipments from many brands.

This method still working until now, so it’s worth a try when you are creating a page for your website content.


Make Your Website “Useful”

One of the things we truly know about Google, is that Google sides with the searchers, not website owners. So Google Search will do their best to provide users with the content they think is the most useful and relevant, and not those who promote themselves to be the best.

In this issue, Google Penguin Update is the star of the show. When this update first launched, the SEO World truly shocked. Hundreds of websites that ranked on the top got swept away, some got reduced to the lowest pages, and some even disappeared from the Google Search entirely.

Why did this happened? Simple, Google Penguin Update is a change in Google algorithm to deal with Spammer Websites!

In fact, this update is so useful Google keeps renewing it, with the Penguin 4.0 version appeared a few weeks ago, which was the source of these “SEO is Dead” hype these days really…

Now, to avoid getting swept away by this cute animal, you have to make your website more useful for people who search for the topic. To do this, you have to imagine yourself in the searcher’s shoes. What would you like to see when you search for a keyword, then include those info in your website.

For example, if you have information website, like movie, or novel, or even restaurant information website, you may want to include things like the opening hours, the ratings, and the comments and critics from famous sources (if any). Don’t forget to also add Schema to make the ratings and comments visible from Google Search.

Including these kind of things can make your website seems more trustable and unique. Google like unique and creative things, and so are people. Now more than ever, extraordinary and noteworthy content that creates a conversation or adds massive value to existing conversations is an essential prerequisite to successful SEO.

Remember, content is the king!


Promotions, Promotions, Promotions

Only having a Quality Content is not enough. It’s useless to have a good content if nobody read it. Not knowing means not reading, not reading means no raise in rank, which means no profit. If people didn’t want to see your article, why would Google even bother with it?

You have to know that one of the biggest indicator for Google on how good a website is, is how many people visited the website using the related search query. Even if the website is originally on the 10th page, if you managed to consistently invite 1000 people to visit and stay there for a period of time, Google will instantly raise your website rank to the first page for that keyword. Believe it or not, there is already an expert that did a research for this issue.

Today, promoting a website has been made easier than previous years. There are many platforms you can promote your website with. Google Adwords, Social Media Business Pages, Email Marketing, and even the traditional Testimonials and Word of Mouth is still a very reliable for promotions.

Use all things possible. The more you can do promotion, more people will know that you exist. By doing enough (quality) promotions, you can quickly close the gap between you and your competitors and widening the gap with those behind you.

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