SEO – The Best Way for Small Business to Compete with Big Business

November 16, 2016 9:48 am

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Stephen Perdana

SEO - The Solution of Winning Against Big Business


See the title? What do you think about it?

Is it really possible for a Small Business to beat a Big Name Player in the Business?

Well, for that question, the answer depends on how well you do you business, how smart you are when outmaneuvering the Big Competitors, and how thorough your preparations are before you decided to do the business.

Winning against Big Companies is by no means an easy feat. In fact, it’s almost impossible to do unless you have have a near-fanatical belief and spend a staggering amount of efforts. Even then, without some amount of luck, you can still fail.

Luckily, we are currently living in an age of transition from traditional to technological age. This period of time can be said as the Transition Period where those big business are in their weakest period. Because the change of method from traditional to technological, those big business have to learn again from scratch, leaving them vulnerable.

Now, it’s time for us to discuss about one thing that can drastically increase your chances at winning in business competition against those Big Names – SEO.


Importance of Website and Online Shop for Small Business

In the upcoming technological age, having a website for each business you have is a must. It is especially important for Small Business that just started because you are still a nobody, no one know of you yet. By having a website, you are showing yourself to your customer, letting them know that you exist.

Of course, that’s not the only advantage you have for having a website. You can learn in detail about The Advantages of Having a Good Website and Online Shop in the linked article. Now, we will go to the next point.

SEO Research for Business | How to Win Against Big Company Using SEO

As a certain famous person said, Knowing your enemy is half of the battle, and knowing yourself is the other half. Which means, we will fully explore the advantage and disadvantages for both Small Business and Big Business when they make a Website or Online Shop.

This is important because of the current business environment, whoever managed to get the upper hand on the Online Business front will be able to control the flow of customers to their business.

This article will focus entirely on the Online part of the business. Below we will explain about The advantages of Big Business and Small Business when they go Online, and Some Things Small Business can do to have a chance in winning against Big Business Online.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Big Business

To win against your opponent, you must know their informations first. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of a Big Business. Remember, this is strictly for Website / Online Business.


Advantages of Big Business :

  • Domain Authority. Domain Authority is how trusted your website is by the people in the internet. It is also a measurement of your Online Reputation. A Big Business usually already have their own customer in Real Life, which also have a high chance of becoming their Online Customers. So in this field, Big Brands usually have a head start compared to Small Brands.


  • Link Quality and Diversity. Because of their reputation in Real Life, when Big Name Brands have a website, many people from their business category will want to link to their website because they are the “Official” Website of the Brand. So they don’t need to look too hard for quality links, because those links will come to them by themselves.


  • Trust. These Brands have established themselves for a long time. Therefore, they already have many loyal customers and the trust of the people. With these, they only need to prove that they are the “Real” Official Website of the Brand, and they don’t need to worry about the reliability issue anymore.


  • Financial Resource. With the big foundation they already have, money is not a problem for them. With all the money they have, they can hire the best web designers and programmers they can afford. Therefore, Official Websites rarely have a bad quality.


Disadvantages of Big Business :


  • Inflexible. When a Big Business finished their website, if they want to change the layout of the website, they have to get the permission from the higher-up first before they can change. This can take quite a long time. So if the customers really didn’t like the website, then they will buy their products from other, better website. The Official Website will soon be forgotten.


Big Company Meeting Debate | How Small Business Win Against Big Business Using SEO


  • People’s Expectation. One of the most apparent case for Big Companies are the people’s expectation. When a Big Company created a Website, people expect it to be very good and can help them purchase products more efficiently. If the website is not as good as what people expect, or even very hard to use, then people will think negatively of the Brand.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Business

Other than knowing your opponent, you also need to know about your own weakness and strength. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Small Business compared to Big Business.


Advantages of Small Business :

  • Quick Decision. Small business usually only have a few core members, so all decisions for website usually done by a department without many interruption or design change. As long as all the core members agree, then the website can be launched and any addition can be implemented.


  • Freedom to Experiment. Because people still don’t know how their website look like, they are free to do A/B Testing on their website to get the best layout for customers. While doing the experiments, you can also include any idea you have and it can quickly be executed. Unlike in big Companies, where they have to get the approval of the higher-ups. When the best design is already get, then they can start doing wide-scale promotions to introduce their business to the world.


Small Company Decision Making


  • Faster Growth. Compared to Big Companies, website from Small Company can grow faster. This is because Small Company Website can target a specific part of a category as a focus. By concentrating on a small part, they can become an absolute authority on that field, not losing to other Big Companies. Also, Small Business Websites can link and support each other, unlike Big Company Websites. This way, Small Business Websites can grow faster. After they become well-known, they can start branching into other niche.


Disadvantages of Small Business :

  • Starting from Zero. A small business starts from nothing. When a Small Website first appeared, they don’t have any connection and people didn’t know them at all. This can be a problem when they want to do some Link Building because of Trust Issues. People will think “Can we trust this website? Never heard of it before.” and other similar things. Because of this, the early period of the business consist of gathering as many quality links as possible and promoting the website to make the it well-known.


The Solution – SEO

So, now that we have seen what are the advantage and disadvantages of both Big and Small Business, we will start talking about the core of this article, “How Small Business Can Win Against Big Companies using SEO”.

SEO as Solution


As we have said before, as long as you know how to do it and you invested in correct places, it’s not impossible to create a successful Website and Online Shop for a Small Company.

One of the best place to invest your money is in SEO. SEO focused in making a website well-known by promoting the website using various Online Media.

These are some of the methods how SEO can help you.


1. Target Keywords

As you already know, Search Engines works by receiving input from users about what they want to search, then retrieve the list from their database and rank them based on relevancy. The input from searcher is what we meant by Target Keywords.

It’s impossible to accomodate our website for all keywords because the possibility is near endless. What SEO can do for you is to filter these keywords so you can find which keywords are the most used by people. Therefore, you can maximise your website for these keywords to get maximum benefit.

The best keywords for a Small Company are those that the Big Sites haven’t used so far. Either because they are unwilling, unable, or just haven’t thought of yet. Below are some keywords you can use to raise the popularity of your website.

  • Long Tail Keywords. Long Tail Keywords are specific keywords people usually seek. For example, “Car Dealers in Singapore” is a General Keywords, while “List of Second Hand Car Dealers in Singapore” is Long Tail Keywords. By Targeting for Specific Keywords, you are building your reputation. Website with good reputations will be more trusted by Google, thus easier when aiming for competitive keywords.


  • Ranking Keywords. Have you seen a page in a website that discuss about “10 Best Hotels in Singapore”, “7 Most Affordable Quality Restaurant in Singapore”, and other similar pages with rankings? Those kinds of websites are usually avoided by Big Websites, but people like to see it. This is one of the best kind of keywords to attract customers to your website. As a small website, you don’t have the constraint Big Websites had, so you can freely targets these kinds of keywords.


  • Comparison Keywords. Keywords that compared 2 things is very sought-after, especially by people who are hesitating to choose between 2 famous brands. This is also a keywords that are avoided by Big Websites, but very needed by people. For example, Singapore Airlines Flights vs Air Asia Flights, is never going to be on any website owned by those 2 companies. But a Small Website can take advantage of this and attract visitors using this page. This is an advantage a Small Website have over Big Websites.


2. Specialty Niche

When Big Companies are focusing on the big picture, Small Companies can divide it into several small topics and concentrate their effort on it.

For example, Big Travel Agent Website “” are focusing on all the things related to Travel itself, Small Travel Agent Website “” can take a slice of those topics and focus on those small topics. For example, “10 Favorite Holiday Destinations for Christmas and the price for each of the location” or “Best Places to visit in Kuala Lumpur”.


3. Trust > Money

A Trust-Oriented Website may not generate much money, but Money-Oriented Website will never generate customers. Before people buy something from you, you need to make them know you and trust you. Only with trust can a transaction occurs.

Small Websites need Trust more than they need Money. By getting the population to seek their content, they can build Trust and Online Prestige. Only by doing this can a Small Website grow. If you really want to succeed, don’t seek short-term benefit, but a long-term one. Plan for the future, and have vision, this is why you need trust from people.


Successful Small Business


Some ways you can get trust is to make people to search your website for info. Therefore, you have to provide them with a useful pages which people usually seek. For example, I frequently see articles like “5 Best Tourist Spot in Bali”, but I seldom see educational articles like “How to Interact with Balinese People Correctly” because I want to talk with them but afraid of breaching their etiquette.

Things like this is what you should target. Of course, you have to do some research first to seek which topic has many searchers.


4. Win Using In-Depth Explanations

Because we are focusing only on a few topics, we can create a more detailed explanations about things we are talking about. If Big Competitor only glossed around the surface in their explanations, you go in-depth on that topic. Look for any useful info on that topic and dump in there, mix it with your article, create the best quality detailed article you can.

If others only explained 20%, you go for 120%. That’s the recipe for any successful article that will become a recommended guide for general internet population. Everyone will recommend your article for that topic because you are recognised as a De Facto Authority of that topic.


Create Systematical and Informative Article


For example, famous SEO website like Moz. Why are they so popular? Because they have many ridiculously detailed step-by-step articles that are very useful to people. That’s why Moz got recognised as one of the best Authority Website in SEO. They have (almost) all info about SEO you may need, packed in a neat and detailed articles.

These are some things you need to create a good, detailed article that are needed by people.

  • Identify ALL Questions in Your Chosen Topic, be it Implied or Obvious questions. Search all audience base that are interested in the topic. Answer it all in your article and make it systematic. To gather the questions, you can use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Question Websites (Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc.), or even Web Applications like UsabilityHub.


  • Organise the Answer in Your Article. Do it in a way that help people quickly understand the things they need to know. If you can get an answer from experts or people who worked in that business category, it will be the best because they know better about the topic than regular people. Giving visual aid like infographic and statistics are also recommended because it can make people understand better about the topic.


  • Make a Type of Guide People Need but Big Company Hates. The best kind of guide is the ones with weeks or months of research and experiments, which takes time. This is one kind of guide that will never be created by Big Company Websites, because it can’t generate money. Unfortunately, people NEED these kinds of guides, so it’s up to the Small Websites to grab this opportunity. Invest some time to create a detailed, in-depth article that addressed all questions people need, and you will become an Authority in the field.


5. Build Personal Relationship

One of the most obvious difference between Big and Small Companies are how they build their Relation. Big Companies / Big Websites usually built their Relation using their PR Department. The staff in the department will go and gather links with people.

As opposed to this, in Small Company usually gather their links and relations personally. The owner of the website go and talk to the person by himself. This have a good effect because by visiting / contacting them yourself, they will feel needed, feel that they are important, unlike when the one contacting them is merely an employee.

Creating a close relationship with several other Small Business Websites is also a huge advantage to you. You can amplify your reach and your Online Presence with people who search for these detailed keywords. Big Websites can’t compete with you because they are too big and the things they focused in are too many. This is where Small Website can take advantage from Big Websites.


SEO Services Singapore

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