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What is often discussed is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. A step with the goal of making a website page entered on the first and highest page rank on search engine services, especially Google Search. Then what about SEM or Search Engine Marketing? Maybe you are one of those people who just heard this term.

It’s a bit confusing and both like to have the same function. Of course not, because SEM is actually simpler than SEO. The goal is the same that is to create a lot of pages visited. So it would not hurt you to take advantage of SEO tricks with SEM to get more leverage. Well, here we will try to review between SEO and SEM and what are the basic differences. Check out more below:

1. SEO

Before knowing what is SEM, you also have to understand first what SEO is. As explained briefly above, Search engine optimizer or search engine optimization is a strategy of designing, writing, coding especially with XHTML as well as programming the entire website in order to get the chance of being on the main page of search engine service facility using certain keywords and phrases.

Pure SEO is On-Page SEO because its strategy really utilizes the use of keywords, page titles and so on. The more up and on the start page, the more visitors who enter the site. There are quite a lot of tricks and SEO strategies that can be done, both of which bring great influence, little influence or even no SEO tricks that actually do not bring any effect but still run.

2. SEM

There are many articles that write about the definition of SEO and strategy. Now it’s your turn to understand SEM or Search Engine Marketing. This is a form of Internet marketing strategy whose goal is to promote websites on paid search engine (SERPs) pages utilizing placements with billing, contextual advertising, and with paid inclusions. Or it could mean an online marketing trick by increasing your page visibility in search results in search engines.

If you are still confused, simply Search Engine Marketing is about advertising utilizing certain keywords using search engines like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Yahoo Search Marketing. Generally, Search Engine Marketing payments are usually done by pay per click or by the terms of how long.

So SEM and SEO are two things that are quite closely related. It’s just that SEM is an internet marketing trick that costs money, but the impact can be substantial. Moreover, a company that offers Search Engine Marketing services generally also at the same time provide additional SEO services. The SEM SAN company will then optimize the project on the client’s website, then perform listing management on the search engine, submit to the client site directory as well as attempt to develop an online marketing strategy for the client directly.

3. Is it Optimizing Visibility?

It’s important when you have a goal. For example suppose you are in a position as a consumer, and when there is a prospective buyer to search on search engines, especially Google then what he saw was the results that appear most in accordance with the “keywords” are typed on the main page or at least page 2 and 3 .

At this moment the visibility of your website page to be important enough considering it will be very useful if your website offers products and information that is actually needed by potential customers but only appear on page 10. Of course people are lazy to find and click on page 10 because they want is quick access .. Finally, utilizing SEM prospective buyers is much easier to find links to your website.

Another advantage of SEM is that it can target consumers in terms of demographics. Even SEM can be very specific in determining which ads you have only appear on the audience that uses search engines in certain cities. Then SEM can also target people who are interested in your product utilizing typed product names on search engines from potential customers.

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