SEO Lesson Part 2 – Your Social Media Life is Your Lifeline

September 3, 2016 8:02 pm

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Stephen Perdana

SEO and Social Media

On the previous post, we have learned about The Relationship between SEO, Website, and Business. In this article we will discuss about the importance of Social Media for SEO.

Since the emergence of World Wide Web, there are a few things that really affect how it works greatly. The first one is Search Engine, which defined modern internet. There is also Email, which defines modern communication line. The other is Social Media, which defines the modern Online Society.


Impact of Social Media for SEO

Social Media first appear in 1997, at that time the first Social Media Website, Six Degrees, start its debut. Sadly, it didn’t become as successful as expected. Only from the start of 2000s, Social Media started to become popular. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube become so popular that it forced Search Engines to remade its Search Algorithm to include Social Media Popularity.

Below is a picture to show you better about the relationship between SEO and Social Media.


How SEO and Social Media affect your Website Ranking?

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From the picture, you can see that Social Media actually affect SEO. Especially the currently popular Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This is because Search Engines are made with the people’s needs in mind. Therefore, the more a post get shared and become popular, Search Engines will determine that people like this post, which means that this post have good quality, and then they will raise the rank of the the post (including the link inside it) in their Search Ranking.

In short, the more people know you and share your post, the more attention Google will pay to you. The more Google pay attention to your website, the higher your rank in Search Page. The higher your website position in Search Page, the more people will know you and your Brand popularity will rise. This created The Success Cycle for SEO and Social Media.


Advantage of having Social Media

This ability to communicate with all kinds of people whenever and wherever you are have become one of the most important method for promoting your business online. So it’s not an exaggeration to say that how good your social life is will determine how big your business will become.

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