SEO – The Beginning of The End

August 18, 2016 9:25 am

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These days, when you talk about business, especially the Online Businesses, you will frequently stumble upon the word “SEO“. For people who already know what is SEO, then good for you. For people who don’t know what is SEO, don’t worry, because we are here to help you to know all about SEO with easy, step-by-step guide.


What is SEO?

Let’s start from the beginning. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a method to make your website become as search engine-friendly and user-friendly as possible. The ultimate goal of Search Engine Optimization is to make your website reach the top rank in the targeted Search Engines, so your website can generate a revenue for you.

There are some things you need to master first, like how to make your website pages become more friendly to Search Engines and Users, how to make contents that appeals to your customers, and many other things. Of course, you also need a bit of technical knowledge because some applications will need you to enter some codes to the website or installing something to your website.


How do SEO Works?

To know how Search Engine Optimization works, we must know how Search Engine itself worked in the first place.

Let’s use Google for example. Google works by spreading a tracer commonly called “Robots” to detect the content of a website. These robots will then scan the information and send it back to the server before jumping to other website. The info will then be calculated and depending on the result, you will be given a rank on their search page for the keywords Google think are relevant with your website.

Other than Search Engines, human interaction also play an important part in Search Engine Optimization. In the end, the revenue you want to earn comes from user, so you have to make your website to be easy to navigate and easy to understand for visitors because if your website design itself is bad, then people will not stay for long in your website and prefer to go to another similar website.

Also, don’t forget to include Social Media sharing functions on your website to let your current visitors attract more visitors, because how many visitors you have will affect Google’s judgement for your website ranking.

Users usually use Search Engine for 3 different purposes: Transaction, Navigation, and Information.

Transaction : Users want to do something that can result in a transaction on the website, such as buying a car or watching a movie trailer.

Navigation : User want to go to a specific place using the internet, like the nearest dentist or the Top Restaurants.

Informational : User want to look for information from the internet. Such as the Olympic Participants or the biography of an artist.

To get the best result, it’s important that you optimize your website for both the Search engines and human visitors.


Advantage of using SEO

Now that we know what is SEO and how it works, let’s talk about the advantage of using SEO for our website.

As you all know, when you search for something using Google, you will get hundreds of millions of results. From those hundreds of millions of websites, only the Top 10 websites get any visitors. Imagine, if you already spent thousands of dollars to create a beautiful website and no one comes in because you are stranded in the 50th position. How tragic is that? Not only you will not get any revenue, but you will also lost your hard-earned money.

This is why you need SEO, so your beautiful websites you spent a lot of time and money can attract customers for you.

Other than the above reason, you can also use SEO for Online Marketing. Today, almost all big business and growing business have a website. With thousands of similar business competing, only the best of the best company will have a chance to win. So what if you only have a small company but want to win against the big companies? You use SEO for your website.

With SEO, a small business have a chance of winning against big businesses. Without SEO, then your small shoe store will never amount to anything when compared to big name companies like Nike or Adidas.

The more famous you are on the internet, the more people will mention you and share your products in the Social Media and forums like Facebook or Twitter. The best thing is, you don’t need a Shop Front to be able to do Online Businesses and SEO, you can do all your businesses Online, like Amazon for example.

SEO & Example

The Effect of SEO in Business

The appearance of SEO means the start of Online Marketing and the end of the traditional marketing.

Previously, before there is SEO, and therefore Online Marketing, people use manual means to do all their sales, marketing, and communication. While this is quite effective, the target for Traditional Marketing usually is only on the region where the business is located, so the area of influence is very limited and it’s hard to grow into a big company.

To be able to grow into a big company on the age of Media Marketing, you have to work very hard all day, taking a big risk, and pour unimaginable amount of money, to be able to expand your scope of influence. These efforts not always been rewarded by a success however, so only those that truly stand above the rest of their competitors can flourish.

After SEO appeared, these traditional marketing starting to be left little by little in favor of Online Marketing. This is because the appearance of internet that starting to make life easier and progress faster.

At first, traditional marketing can still claim they are better at selling things than Online Marketing, and until now, depending on the situations, the claim still held true. Selling products face to face is still undeniably more effective than selling products from internet, mostly because customers will unconsciously trust people more if they can see them directly. Therefore, good sales people are still needed by a company even if they already have an established Online Store.

Unfortunately, while this is true, it also depends too much on the skill of individuals, therefore, inconsistent. Another disadvantage of Traditional Marketing is that the people they can reach is very few, for every customer they attract, Social Media can attract hundreds of times more. The fee is also less than hiring an ineffective sales people.

On the other hand, along with the development of SEO, it’s apparent that Online Marketing and SEO are starting to become indispensable to people. The biggest advantage of Online Marketing over Traditional Marketing is that, even a new and small company can beat a big name company if they know where to strike, which is almost impossible to do with Traditional Marketing.

Another advantage of Online Marketing is that it can be spread out mouth to mouth faster using Social Media like Facebook and Instagram. Seeing is Believing after all, so when people can see the photos of the products, it can convince them more to buy.



In short, Traditional Marketing can still be done and is quite good to reach the customer in your own region, but be sure to only hire good quality salesman, because ineffective salesmen will only lessen your revenue.

On the other hand, start focusing on Online Marketing because with the current technological advancement, Online Marketing is the best way to gather your revenue, reach the faraway customer, spreading your products outside your own region, and make it easier for customers to get your products and voice their opinion about the products.

Also, don’t forget to do SEO for your Online Shop, because without a good SEO, your Online Shop won’t get any customers.

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