Traditional vs Social Media Marketing

November 23, 2017 10:32 am

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Adrian Soon

Marketing is basically about advertising, publicity, sales, merchandising, and distribution. You basically have 2 categories in marketing that are traditional marketing and internet marketing. Which one is better? Which offers more benefits and more valueable? The answer to both methods is equally useful. However, the key to making the right location on the right fund is experiencing the target market and the pros and cons of this type of marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Using strategies such as, direct sales, TV, radio, letters, print ads (magazines, coupons, billboards, etc.), and printed promotional materials such as catalogs or brochures.

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Traditional methods may be the only way to reach specific groups or consumers. For example, if you are interested in targeting, then demographically do not take advantage of internet or social media channels.

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Selling is considered a traditional marketing strategy, because it coincides with time and place. Because, the type of direct sales then this way becomes very effective to market a product or service.

Traditional marketing also offers hard copy material, by handing consumers some print materials that can flick through their free time.

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Purchasing ads on TV, radio, or print is quite expensive, especially for small businesses. Traditional marketing is like throwing goods, so it is very difficult to trace quantitative results. Printing materials, buying media, and creating radio ads certainly can not be done alone, you will need outside help and this adds to the budget. Traditional marketing is often forced on consumers.

Marketing Online

Online marketing is the process of marketing a product or service using the internet. Because this business from the internet, then this business can choose to advertise its products through the web. This online marketing uses website creation strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads, social media, using pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing.

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The results are much more measurable, even decisions can be made using both real data and qualitative results. Have the ability to track demographics very accurately and achieve your social marketing target medias, which are basically mouth-of-mouth. Social media allows you to communicate directly with group or individual consumers.

When compared to the price of course cheaper and can be accessed many times. In addition, you can build a direct relationship with your custom through social media. You can also create a marketing message very quickly.

  • Contra Marketing Online

A dependence on the customer will be very interactive on the internet, so the content must be continuously updated, even comments still have to fast response, the site and page should still be maintained. Inconsistencies in blog forums, social media, etc. can trigger problems.

Which is the Best?

Before the internet developed as it is today, the marketing of products or services is enough through tv, radio, letters, and direct sales. But, now most consumers expect a marketing message that fits the value.

So, which one do you choose traditional marketing or online? The key is a balance between the 2 methods, depending on the affordability and effectiveness of online marketing. Experts advise to apply 80:20 in marketing.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Combining marketing research into your marketing plan will help you determine some good and achievable target markets.

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