Web Design and Development

January 6, 2014 2:32 pm

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Terence Tan

Web Design and Development

Website Design is one of the main business of Kreacio Media. In Kreacio Media, we are dedicated to all our clients and their web design. We analyze, plan your requirements and also keeping your business model in check, so we work as a team, to achieve a similar Goal. Creating a website involves understanding what makes your website stands out, how to make it easy to read for your audience.

We also conduct business requirement checklist, to understand what is best feed your needs through best practice and teaching you what you need to know when you build your own website.

Custom Website Design and Software Development are Our Specialty

Website Design using Content Management System (CMS):

Design your website content, and create unlimited web pages that you wanted to. Set it to the custom theme you want, Allow you to design your content and display them like a professional. With our customized CMS, you can now work like a professional, and make your company looks good on the online world.

Website Design with E-Commerce (Shopping Cart) System:

Online Shopping website is a growing trend over the years, and a lot of business transactions are done through it. Setting up an e-commerce website, creates another source of income that is channel 24 by 7 with automated services such as billing and inventory management, you have just created an e-salesman to your asset.

Website Design for Mobile Website:

Reach out to the mass mobile users with the Mobile Website, with simplified Graphic User Interface (GUI), it give users a brand new browsing experience. This allows mobile users to browse your website with ease. With the increasing numbers in mobile user worldwide, and the improved mobile download speed, you will be seeing more mobiles viewers than desktop viewers in time to come. The advantages of getting yourself a mobile website,

Website Design for Cross Browser Platform:

Making sure your website fit into different browser and different platform. That is our goal, to make sure our design meet your customer’s visual and business needs.

To find out more about your website, call us on 6386 4981 or you can write in directly to us mediasales@kreacio.com


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