4 things that contribute to a good website

Ever enter a website and only wanting to reach out to the “close” button immediately? Well to avoid such unfortunate scenario, this article is going to help business owner understand the essentials for having a good website. This will greatly improve the time spend on your website and also give visitor a satisfied browsing experience.

  • Design

Well this is the main factor that either get user to keep browsing through your website or to switch to other website immediately. A design of the website can be one more important factor in contributing to a good website. A poorly constructed or design website will turn user off and there goes the 1st impression. It’s just like wearing a singlet, shorts and a pair of slipper for your 1st romantic date. You can pretty much guess what the outcome going to be.  There goes a saying, “A picture paints a thousand words”


  • User Friendly

Every gotten lost in a website and after spending 5 minute browsing and yet unable to find what you need? This is why having a user friendly site is very important. A user friendly website is going to help visitor locate what they need from your website easily. When users are able to get what they are searching for with ease, it greatly improves user experience and satisfaction. Satisfied users will definitely and for sure revisit your website.


  • Content

As mentioned in the other article “5 Essential things you need to know when building a website.” The right content can help lead your visitor to greater confident in your business and also to help them understand your business better. Content should always bring out the key focus of individual page and should not divert if necessary.


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly

SEO friendly website is very important if you are planning to do SEO for your website. A website should have a strong SEO foundation in order to help rank the website in any search engine.