5 Essential things you need to know when building a website.

Have you ever thought of having a website for your business but unsure of what are the requirements or ways to go about? In this Weeks Article, we help business owner discover the necessary ingredient before building a website. With this information, you will be able to get developer to build your ideal website within a shorter time frame and also with much smoother process.


  • Understand what the purpose for your website is.

Firstly, you have to identity how you would like your website to help you in your business. Some have a website for branding, some to relate information and other to do online selling. There are plenty of reasons to have a website. With that you will be able to think of the content, design and also the feel for your website.


  • Sitemap

Sitemap is like a floor plan of your website site. This is the second thing that is necessary for developer to be able to understand your website. A well plan sitemap is very important as you will be able to organise your website properly.


  • Design and Feel

After planning of the sitemap and before developer start building a website for you, it’s best that you have an idea of how you like your website to look or feel like. Be it colour, design, positioning of the company logo or the navigation bar all the way to the content display of every individual page. This will greatly help web developer/designer in designing the right design for you and hence reducing the time for countless changes.


  • Content

Content is very important in building a website. It can help lead your visitor to greater confident in your business and also to help them understand your business better. It also greatly helps you in your SEO for your website.


  • Hosting & Domain Name (URL)

Lastly, for every website there is a need for a Domain name and a hosting site.

Domain name or URL in simple term is like a business name, address or identity for web users to locate your website. Example (www.kreaciomedia.com ß this is the domain name to reach Kreacio Media website). As for Hosting, it’s the like a storage space for your website. This 2 ingredient is necessary in order for a website to be up and running). Usually both the hosting & domain name have to be purchase and renew yearly.