Advantage and Disadvantage of having a flash website

Advantages of using flash technology for website

Well the very obvious advantage of having a flash website is “animation”. That’s right. Using flash, one can create almost any flashy animation. You have the possibility to make it more interactive. From flying objects to games and movie, there is nearly no limit to the way you like to present your website to the audiences.

The other advantage of flash website is cross browser compatibility, you don’t have to worry about HTML code being shown differently in different browser.


Disadvantages of using flash technology for website.

Well we have learned the advantages of having a website using flash technology, let us cover the several disadvantages.

Firstly, one of the main disadvantages of flash build website is loading time, we all know flash player is able to produce spectacular animation, with all this animation running, you would expect a long time to load the website. Not only that, device with lesser processing capability may have latency due to the immense date to load. This lead to bad user experience which is a major turn off factor

Secondly, a flash technology website lacks content this mean its search engine unfriendly. We all know that Google can’t read images and video or animation. And with the lack of contents, Google robots are unable to effectively crawl and gather information from you webpage. This lead to difficulty in doing SEO and it also affects the SEM costing.

Thirdly, the disadvantage of a flash website is accessibility. Many devices out there such as iPhone, iPad and blackberry cannot access the web page. As mentioned in the previous article, 2 out of every 3 mobile owners go online with their mobile devices. This means losing out on visitors from the mobile.

So generally we will advice to keep flash at a minimal if need be. There are other technologies out there that can do animation such as jquery or javascript. These technologies generally take up less bandwidth and takes faster time to load. And with proper coding one may achieve nearly the same effect of a flash player.