Advantages of Cloud Computing

By now, most of you should have heard of this word “Cloud Computing” or “Cloud Solution”. And for benefit of those that never heard of cloud computing before, here’s a short summary of what cloud computing. It means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of having a physic server or your computer hard drive. 

So let us look at what are the advantages of storing data in the cloud rather than a physical server.

  • Cost Efficient

Cloud solution or cloud computing is the most cost efficient way for you to store date without the need to physically owns a server. This removes the need for maintenance, servicing and the constant need to change spare parts that are broken down. Not only that, having a physically almost usually mean there a need for an OS. This means licensing cost so on and so forth. Also storage space is another issue, Server needs a cold room in order to maximise the life spend and all this are cost. Also having the entire server lying around almost certainly means that you need to hire IT personnel to keep it running. Where else for Cloud solution, all physical hard ware are kept at the subscriber place. All user need is to pay the monthly/ yearly amount which depends on how much space is needed.


  • Flexible Storage Space

For cloud computing, you nearly pay for how much date you use and how much storage you need. Where else when you buy a physical server, it comes with a fix storage space i.e. 500GB. So if you are only storing 50GB of data, the rest of the unsure space will be sitting there doing nothing. Looking at it from another perspective, what if there is a need for 1TB storage to store all your software? This mean a need change of your hard disk or to purchase another one. For cloud solution, storage space is almost unlimited. This means you will never run out of storage capacity.


  • Quick Deployment Time

Cloud computing gives you the advantage of deploying in a short period of time. One agreement has been settle with the service provider, the entire system can be fully functional in a matter of minutes. 


  • Backup or Recovery

Most service provider our there have a team of competent personnel which can handle the backup or recovery of data if needed. Moreover most service provided will have some sort of redundancy in placed which almost guaranty you minimal down time. Talking about redundancy, this brings us back to point number 1, Cost.