Benefit of Long Tail SEO keywords

Hi, today we are going to talk about the Benefits of Long Tail SEO keywords and how it can generate higher ROI for your SEO campaign,

When choosing SEO keywords, one must always know what the keyword focus is and who the audience that you are reaching out to are. Blindly choosing a keyword for SEO just because they are popular or the search volume is high will not help you in generating higher ROI, As mentioned in the previous article “How to select keywords for SEO” we have covered the basic of selecting the SEO keyword. Now we are going to cover what is the benefit of choosing long tail SEO keywords.

Long Tail SEO Keyword is more Focus and Specific.

Here is a comparison of two SEO keywords, the short tail SEO keywords being “Florist” comparing to the long tail SEO keyword “Florist in Takashimaya” The search volume for florist will definitely be higher and sound like a better choice. But Choosing a SEO keyword such as florist is too generic and user which search for a florist might not even be searching for a florist services. They could be looking for the meaning of florist or comparing the different florist out there. Not only does choosing such keywords for SEO not generate higher ROI, it is also harder to reach the ideal SEO ranking in the search engine as the competition for such keywords is higher and hence more effort is needed to improve the ranking for the keyword. This will most likely jack up the SEO cost and longer time is also needed.

On the other hand, Florist in Takashimaya would generate higher ROI as it is more focus. When a user keys in such specific keywords, the buying signal is already there. It is highly that the user is looking for a florist that is located in Takashimaya shopping centre and would likely buy from that area as it is more convenient. It’s could be that the user wish to send flowers to someone who is working or staying near Takashimaya shopping centre and if you a florist in Takashimaya and yet did not do SEO for such keywords, you would have miss out a whole lot of sales that are coming from people who wish to purchase Flowers at Takashimaya shopping Centre. Competition for such keywords is usually lower and hence the time for such keyword to be rank in 1st page of the search engine would be shorter and the effort for the SEO would be lesser. This means lowering the cost of the SEO campaign and yet you will be able to enjoy the ideal ranking in the search engine much earlier.

Below is some of the example of Long tail SEO keywords vs Short Tail SEO keywords

                Long Tail SEO Key Words                             

Short Tail SEO Keywords

Florist in Singapore         


Flower Delivery Singapore          

Flower Delivery

Printing company in Singapore

Printing Company

HDB interior Designer

Interior designer

Singapore interior design company

Interior Designer

Home security system Singapore             

Security System

Cheap hostels in Singapore


Hostels in Singapore