Does SEO guarantee 1st Page in Search Engine?

Well sadly many companies engage SEO services from SEO provider not knowing what they are signing up for.

As we know, no one owns the search engine except the search engine company themselves. So there is no way to guarantee your placing in any search engines. Ranking fluctuate as and when the search engines update their Algorithms. So you better think twice when a sales man comes knocking on your door saying that their SEO service guarantee you in 1st page.

So if getting SEO does not necessary mean you will be rank in 1st page of the search engine, then why does anyone still need to engage a SEO service or do SEO them self?

Well one must know that engaging SEO services is engaging the Effort to increase your website ranking in the search engine and not buying a position in any search engines. The effort done to increase your website ranking according to your targeted keywords is the main reason why you are paying for such services.

Ranking in search engine varies due to many different reasons. It could be due to your website quality score, or the competitiveness of the keyword chosen, or it could be the SEO effort done for your website, be it through on page SEO or off page SEO. All these factors affect your overall ranking in the search engine.

So don’t be disappointed when you see your website ranking is not in the 1st page even after SEO is done.  It could be that your keyword is very competitive and more SEO effort and time is needed to push it to your ideal position.