How to select keywords for SEO

Are you thinking of engaging a company to do SEO but unsure what keywords to select? Today we are going to cover the important key point on how to select your SEO keywords

  • Is the keyword relevant to your business

Yes, Firstly you have to ask yourself is the keyword you choosing for your SEO relevant to your business? Does the keyword phrase match what your business does or whom it targets?  Also you have to be sure that the keywords you choose must look like a natural part of what you’re writing.


  • Have you done a research on your keywords search volume

Choosing keywords for SEO is not just a toss of the dice. Proper Planning is needed. Research has to be done and thankfully there are tool which help you in your SEO keyword research.

 Google is currently providing services such as adwords keyword planner which allow you to find out the search volume of the keyword which you wish to optimize. Other tools such as Google trend also help you understand the keyword search trend.

Using Google Adwords keyword planner, you will be able to see a detail picture of the keyword. Details such as Competitive level, search volume and it also shows the CPC if you are doing SEM. The adword tool also helps generate relevant keyword that you have search. This helps your thinking process for keyword which you might overlook earlier.


  • Is your Keyword generating ROI

Choosing a keyword that is too broad for SEO will generate unwanted traffic and affect your Google Analytic. For example, a car rental company wanting to optimize the words “Car” this is very board and can have many different group of user trying to search for such keywords. A better example to choose for their SEO would be “Car rental in Singapore.” These keywords are more specific and generate the right audience to your website and hence increase your ROI


  • Are your keyword already ranked in the search engine

Is your keywords are already well ranked in the search engine? If the keyword you choose to do SEO is already in the 1st Ranking in the search engine, than you may want to try other keywords as usually SEO is chard by the number of keywords you wish to optimize. 


  • How much traffic is my website receiving for the keyword

To do this, you will need the Google Analytics tool to get the keyword data. I’ve wrote an article on the importance of Google analytics and the data you can get out of it. With the analytics, you can also identify which are the keywords that are generating more traffic to your website and you might want to look into doing SEO for such keywords.


  • Is the keyword part of your domain name

In 2012, Google announced that it would crack down on low quality exact match domains for websites that want to rank primarily on the merits of their domains. Google is trying to takedown those obnoxious domains and small website using such tactics for SEO purposes. But for those respectable websites, the domain name seems to help in search engine ranking