Importance of Google Analytics

What is Google Analytic and how does it helps your business? Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generate statistics about your website traffic and traffic source. This allows you to measure and analyse the conversation and sales. Here are a few important data that Google Analytics is able to show you.

  • Traffic to your website

With Google Analytics, you are able to monitor how many visitors actually visited your website and how many of they are unique visitors. You will also be able to monitor how long they stayed at your website and averagely how many pages they have browsed through. From studying these data, business owner is able to decide whether their website is easily searchable and does the website give user a great user experience.


  • Source to your website

Google Analytics provide data that shows where your visitors come from. Which website, search engines or social network brings traffic to you? For example, if many visitors reach your website via a certain Social media platform, then perhaps you should focus more marketing on that particular social media platform to generate more traffic to your website.


  • Keyword key search

Business owner can find out what are the top few keyword visitor keys into Google search engine to find your website. Studying this data enable you to plan your SEO and SEM wisely.


  • Number of Mobile Users

Another useful data that is generated by Google Analytics is the number of mobile user that visited your website. It also enables you to see which mobile devices are being used. So if you are planning to build a mobile website, this data will definitely come in handy. 


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