The 7 advantages of having a mobile site

Walk down the street toady and you will most likely find someone using their mobile or smart devices surfing the net. Be it in the coffee shop, the CBD or shopping centres, it’s undeniable that the number of mobile user surfing the internet have increase tremendously. In May 2013 alone, 2 out of every 3 mobile owners go online with their mobile devices. So today we shall touch on the advantage of having a mobile website.

  • Faster Downloading Speed

Have you every use your mobile or smart phone device to load a website and only to experience a long loading time and also latency while trying to navigate through the webpage? Well guess what? Most likely the website does not have a friendly mobile website. Having a mobile website greatly improve the loading time and reduce the latency when browsing and navigating through the webpage. This in turn gives user a better user experience.


  • Improve User Interface

We know that mobile devices dose have a screen size of about +/- 4” to 6” and because of that, loading a webpage that is supposed to be loading on a 17” monitor on your tiny screen is going be a pain. But with a mobile webpage, it’s developed specially to fix the screen size of the mobile devices. And with a better interface, it greatly improve user experience and satisfaction


  • Bandwidth

When loading a mobile website, it consumes less bandwidth and hence explains the faster downloading speed. Also it help user save cost by reducing the data usage.


  • Engagement

A mobile website allows you to engage users with mobile-specific features such as click-to-call and map functions. Also with location aware technology, User may be able to find your site when they are in immediate geographic proximity


  • Improve SEO Ranking

So does a mobile site really improve SEO ranking? The answer is “Yes”. A mobile website provides improved rankings on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


  • Cost Effective comparing to Apps

Building a mobile website is very different from Apps. For Apps you will need to build for different platform which the 2 biggest are iOS and Android. This means double your investment cost comparing to just building a mobile website. Also in order for users to know about your Apps, they first have to know about it in order to download. Hence marketing is needed to inform your audience on the Apps available for download. As for a mobile website, anyone with any mobile browser will be able to locate your webpage either by searching through the search engine or directly input your URL.




  • Flexibility and the ease of making changes

Mobile website is tied to your website, meaning you can actually make changes to it. This allows business owner to constantly update products and latest news to keep their users updated.